Sabado, Hunyo 8, 2013

GameMerk Public PSF DFI V4 Updated Hack

 Off Or Disabled antivirus befor downloading
GameMerk PSF Public V4 (6.6.2013) + Deefreeze remover Link >>>Download here
 For Deepfreeze Remover v6 Just Click 2 Times Left Side then hold Alt,Ctrl, Shift, then Press F6 and Click bothowed then restart Pc and done..

See your enemies through walls with the wallhack.
View enemy health, name and distance using the ESP tags
Find the enemy no matter how far away they are

Boosting Features!
Gain incredible amounts of EXP and SP with our boosting features.
Enable premium items to boost discretely.

Download GM PSF public rar file, extract and launch the game!
Disable your deepfreeze if you are unable to toggle the menu
Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

Press insert button to toggle the menu in game
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

Download Link >>>  Click Here to Download GsmeMerk Public SFDFI V4 
 Microsoft VC++ 2010 >> Download Here


2 komento:

  1. Hindi pa din gumagana ung SP :( . tsk . gawa namna po kayo SP Hack .

  2. wala bang gamemerk v5?
    puro virus kase ung iba e gamemerk lang nagana saken